Feb 21: For the Dads! Read my article on Bath Mums about the benefits for baby massage for dads.

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Excerpt below…

A couple of years ago a same sex male couple who had adopted a baby contacted me about baby massage classes. This chance encounter gave me a idea.

Baby massage had been recommended to them by their health worker and they wanted to give it a try, so we did a few sessions together which they found useful and supportive for their new family unit.

Prior to this my classes were only appealing to local mums, probably because most dads are out at work in the day time and mums are on maternity leave, or are stay at home parents. The feedback from the same sex couple was so positive that I decided to add on a 6th session to my course that would be for dads only. At the time no-one else was offering this in the area and it became really popular.

A year on, and around 100+ dads later, the sessions are going really well. Most men naturally have concerns before coming to the group and some are unsure why they are even there. For mums it has the added benefit of a morning of free time but for the dads, the main benefits are bonding and learning a new skill.

Many dads only get to see their little one in the evening and often only get home in time for bath and bed time. Learning how to give them some massage is a beautiful way to interact and get to know them and have skin to skin contact. It may only be for 10 minutes or so but the benefits are bountiful…

If there are any dads or indeed mums who’d like to find out more about the baby massage courses I run in Bath please contact me.